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Video Greetings

Give your little prince or princess an amazing gift: a personalised video greeting from their favourite princess! Suitable for every occasion: a birthday, a diploma, to encourage good behaviour or just because. 

Our custom and personalised video greetings last between 1,5 minutes and 2,5 minutes and can be watched again and again! 

Request a quote.

Rapunzel 2.jpeg

Persoonlijke videoboodschap

€ 39

1-2 minuten met 1 prinses naar keuze

  • Kies je favoriete sprookjesfiguur

  • Helemaal persoonlijk - speciaal voor jouw kind!

  • Princess Dance Party met danslinten voor ieder kind

  • Laat ons weten wat je wil horen in de video

  • Opgenomen in HD

How does it work?

video bericht boodschap elsa prinses
  1. Request a quote.

  2. We'll contact you to discuss your wishes.

  3. After we reveive payment, we will create your dream video within 10 working days.

  4. You'll receive the link to download the video.

  5. Show the video and make a dream come true!

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